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Web Development

How long does it take for a Website Managing, Designing / Redesigning to be completed?

Budget Coders delivers the timely delivery of website design depending upon the necessities & requirements of the site that clients exact. The average time of a normal website designing took 5-6 days where we include content development to site development with better digital marketing strategies to build & deliver an ultimate website.




What is Responsive Design Website? How it is beneficial to my business site.

Responsive web design defines the best way to manage gadgets compatibility issue with the site architecture. For instance, those who use responsive web design their customer can access their site through any gadgets which can be mobile, desktop, iPad etc. it gives the best user experience to use any website with proper device resolution comfortable settings.



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What are the clues that my business needs Custom Software?

There are many clues or indication that could do better with your custom software which are:

  1. For sending regularly updated news to your client manually
  2. To analyse the site information that matters the most
  3. For managing data with multiple software in an organisation.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? How it is beneficial to my business

Search engine optimisation is a process of making & boosting your site performance to do well in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) over various search engine primarily on Google platform. Our digital marketing professional has experienced over the decade to give the best result which can help you to rank your website on top SERPs. It is must need service to any business website to reach the target audience.

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Mobile App

How does my business attain profit by using the Mobile Application?

Our Mobile App Development Service remarkably helps you to give the best user experience which will support your brand value to the customers, employees or any other interested parties. The quality of business over online can be acknowledged by proper site analysis similarly, the quality of adequate business insights can be understood through our quality mobile application development services.

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What benefits can you promise?

We at Budget Coders, carry the guarantees that make your business progressive, secured & result- oriented. All client details will be kept under proper confidentiality; we deliver the best quote to endow your any services which speak your brand value. We are industry expert in providing best developers for your various need.

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How can I be self-assured of the quality and steadfastness?

Budget Coders deals with adept professional developers who are dedicated to crafting quality code. We have a systematic & proven method which support our developers in Q/A (Quality Assistance) of work & helps in the testing of their code. We are the pioneer in offshore software development service provider with quality coders’ expertise.

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What are the modes of payment that you agree to take?

Our payment mode is 100% secured where we mostly prefer online payment. The customer from India can pay via DD, Cheque, PayPal etc. & for our international customer, we prefer money transfer using IFS Code of our bank account. Although there are other means for domestic payment mode which is suitable according to client’s comfortability.

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What about your maintenance & support assistance?

We are the best offshore software development with complete IT solution service provider across India & globe. Our back-end support initiates the quality maintenance & support help to you. We are always keen to make your business do better. Our deployed services & product will always help you to upgrade to next level in business & so that our maintenance & support team are still there for you.


How Many Developers Can I Hire From Your Company?

We have numerous team of professional developer’ available 24*7 for your assistance. Although hiring of developers is depending upon your project size and duration. You can hire any number of Web, Mobile, or any developers from our organisation; In case of any shortage, we will do hiring in order to fulfil your project need & requirement.

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How do we keep ourselves up-to-date about progress?

We at Budget Coders makes it very stress-free to inform well about your development proceeding with regular project status reports. We use various mode to communicate with our client’s through direct mails, calls, live chat over Skype, teleconferences etc. Our developers will regularly make you well informed about the services stage without any fail.