How to Fix Common Magento Issues

Fixing Magento Issues

Magento is a well-known eCommerce platform preferred by 1 out of 4 online business owners empowering nearly 200,000 online retail stores worldwide. Magento seems to be a powerful platform which can eventually provide many features to an online website. It carried out with different kinds of narrow spots that may face many issues during the acquaintance of several platforms.

If you don’t know the proper way to fix the common Magento issues, then the below points help you to fix the issues easily

1) Set Magento website on a new domain 

If you want to step up the Magento website on a new domain, first you have to go to the cPanel-phpMyAdmin, thereafter select the Magento database which is placed from the left menu and find the table core_config_data. Then click on the table and get two fields such as web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url. Then click the pen icon and replace the old domain with a new one for both of them. At last, click the Go button to save changes.

2) Access denied Issues

If you found access denied issues in your Magento code, then to fix it first log out from the Magento admin panel and then log in again. Then simply go to the System > Permissions > Roles > Administrators and confirm that the access is set to all. At last click on the save role button to fix the issue.

3) Reset/ change Magento admin password

If you want to reset or change the Magento password in the admin panel, then first you need to navigate the phpMyAdmin and then select the corresponding database of your website and find the admin_user table. In this way, you can replace the password of your Magento admin panel with a new one. But make sure that your password is embedded in the MD5 function

4) Add contact form in Magento

In Magento, the contact form is a default tool and contain a link in the footer. In Magento, you can easily add it into any page of your website. To add a contact form, hire dedicated Magneto developer, they will do it for you. If you want to do it yourself, then log in to the Magento admin area and go to the CMS-page. Then select the page you want to add the contact form by putting this code. After that click on save page and the contact form will appear on that page.


{{block type=’core/template’ name=’contactForm’ template=’contacts/form.phtml’}}


5) Change Magento admin URL

To change the URL of the Magento in the admin panel, navigate to app/etc/ and open local.xml file. Change the admin value, then clear the Magento cache. If the URL is not working and make sure that the old page is returned to 404 code.

6)  Fix the 503 error

TO fix the 503 error of Magento, first, you have to go to the Magento root installation and find the maintenance.flag  file and delete it. If that file didn’t work, then you need to clear the cache and sessions and try again.

7) Create SEO friendly URL

If you want to make your website URL SEO friendly in Magento, then you should navigate to the System-Configuration. Then you can select the web which is placed on the left navigation menu. Then set the Use Web Server Rewrites to Yes and click Save Config.

8) Remove the .html from Magento URL

If you want to remove the .html from your Magento website URLs, then go to System – Configuration – Catalog – Search Engine Optimizations and remove .html from Product URL Suffix and Category URL Suffix.Then after go to the system-index management and reindex all the data. Don’t forget to flush the caches.

If you want to fix the Magento related issues in your website, then it’s better to consult magento development company to fix all the issues in an efficient manner.