Which is better, Flash or HTML5? Here is how flash is beating HTML5

Before we start with the comparison, let us first understand what HTML5 and Flash mean.

HTML5 is a markup language specifically designed to organize web content in a particular manner. HTML5 is the latest version of the previous HTML standard. Even though HTML5 is at a beta stage, it is constantly being used by various platforms for an enhanced experience.

Flash is used mostly for multimedia-type content. Developers usually convert apps into SWF files and browsers installed with flash compiles and execute them.

HTML5 is currently taking over Flash because of its latest features like the integration of multimedia content and much more. However, HTML is supported only by browsers and hence if a browser doesn’t support the language, it becomes ineffective. HTML has a long way to go for widespread usage.

Now let us come to Flash. It is a runtime environment present in the browser that compiles flash apps. The best thing about Flash that makes it a winner over HTML5 is that the applications are scripted according to the specifications of the Flash version. What that means is that any browser is compatible for using flash.

HTML5 is all about the hype

If you have heard about the latest HTML5, then you must be aware that it comes with the canvas element. With Canva, designing 2d shapes are now much easier.

But it isn’t as simple as it looks to be. HTML must have a JavaScript and JavaScript is very complicated if used for animations.

HTML5 is just an upgraded version of the basic HTML scripting. Without CSS and JavaScript, HTML5 cannot be used to design your products and animations.

Why Flash is better than HTML5 :

On the other hand, Flash is not a language but a platform. It is not dependent on any language(like JavaScript).All you need to do is install the latest flash player and you are good to go. More than 80% of users in the US have flash installed in their browsers.

Flash serves the users many purposes like creating animations and designs, developing apps, games and much more.
Unlike HTML5, Flash uses ActionScript and it is tested to be faster than JavaScript.

Playing videos on a desktop :</h3
Flash players are able to compile any video at multiple bitrates and hence the streaming is faster. On the other hand, HTML5 complies any video at a single bitrate.

Performance in gaming :

Flash offers amazing ubiquity and performance while playing games as compared to HTML5. 3D API feature allow the users to leverage GPU acceleration.

Supports Webcam :

HTML5 does not support webcam access while Flash does. This is one major disadvantage with HTML5.
Actually, Flash and HTML5 are two different technologies. One is language based and the other is plugin based. Hence, instead of comparing both, if used wisely, they can prove to be powerful tools for the future of web development.